Top 5 Must Have Puppy Products

Top 5 Puppy Products
No nonsense must buy puppy items before you get a doodle.

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time. It can often feel like the time between when you make your deposit and when you actually bring your doodle puppy home is incredibly long, but it is one of the only times you will have to educate and prepare yourself for this new four legged friend!

I have compiled a no nonsense TOP FIVE most important list of items you will need for your new doodle puppy and why. Are there other things you will need for your new doodle puppy? Yes! This list is a list of the foundation items that you just simply can’t not have on hand if you want to keep your new doodle puppy safe.

I have conveniently attached links to each item in order for you to quickly go through and add these items to your Amazon cart for delivery.

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Dog Crate with Divider – This is the most important item you will bring home for your puppy. It is important to make sure the dog crate has a divider with it so your crate can grow with your puppy over time. The crate is the most important to keep your puppy safe and in a controlled environment to set them up for success for training, security and comfort.

Dog Playpen –If I could recommend one thing for a new dog family that would make life more than 50% easier and happier.. It would be a playpen! New puppies should NOT sit in their crate all day, but they should always be in a controlled environment that sets them up for success. The playpen gives your puppy a safe space to play and romp around that doesn’t confine them in the same way a crate does. It’s wonderful for when you can’t keep your eyes on your puppy but you want them to be included with the rest of the family. My two and three year old dogs still love to retreat to their playpen area.

Biothane Dog Leash – I have been through thousands of dog leashes over the last 13 years. Thousands! Nothing compares to the biothane leashes. They are easy to wipe down if they’re dragged through the mud (or worse). They hold up great after years of use! Plus you can get them in tons of cool colors.

Dog Collar –This should be a no brainer, but just in case it isn’t.. You need a dog collar for your new puppy!

Dog Brush – No matter what kind of Doodle puppy you are bringing home you will absolutely need a dog brush from day one. Keeping your Doodle dog brushed is so important to the integrity of their coat. They are known for being easily matted, so I always suggest a formal brushing every day or night.

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