I can not count how many times I have had an allergy plagued family contact me in regard to purchasing a Goldendoodle with the connotation that just ANY Goldenoodle would be the perfect fit for their family. The reputation Goldendoodles hold does not exceed them, except for the misunderstanding of “doodle” being the end all be all to shedding. As a family that includes long term allergy sufferers, I know how serious allergies can be. I know how an allergy attack can out someone under the weather for weeks at a time.. and I know what it is like to want to share your life with a doodle. While most doodles are very allergy friendly when they are genetically matched appropriately (yes, there is a total science to this), I knew we needed a fool proof plan that was an easy go to for family’s battling more severe allergies who wanted the Doodle experience and that was the brain child for the “Cozy Doodle” – named after our very first Goldendoodle we named Cozy – who absolutely changed our lives for the better!

We test piloted several pairings. We knew the allergen code relied fully on the Poodle side of the genetic pairing, but we also knew we had to preserve the retriever personality and we also were fully aware that some of the best physical characteristics were covered in that adorable curly Poodle hair, but had the foundation of the Retriever, like the boxy stature.. and the short Muppet baby snout that can only be created through the combination of a Retriever and Poodle DNA. We also wanted to ensure we were creating the right pairing to still soften the high alertness that is found in Poodles but that proved to be an obstacle because we were really honing in on that Poodle percentage for the allergen factor.

What we wanted!

Ultimately we wanted this creation to come out shed free, allergen friendly, boxy snouted, medium in size, softly coated, highly intelligent, comfortable in busy circumstances (which meant softening the alertness carried by the Poodle), easily trainable, friendly, even-tempered, affectionate and gentle. Was that too much to ask for? 😉 Probably! But I have always had lofty ambitions.

We made it!

After a few genetic and temperament matchups we mastered the perfect combination… and we told no one about the very intentional match we had made and we waited over a year and half to gather as much information as possible from the family’s about how the Doodles were developing physically, intuitively, emotionally and trainably. After nearly two years we are confident that this combination of 78-87% Poodle to 13-23% Retriever is the code to creating our Cozy Doodle.

We are so excited to match our Cozy Doodles with family’s who otherwise may have never been able to know the miracle of a Doodle for health or lifestyle reasons and look forward to seeing the positive impact these little ones will make on their family’s across the world.

Huntleigh Jo from our final pilot litter of Cozy Doodles – Pure Perfection!

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