If you’re reading this post, chances are you have cautiously been on the hunt for a doodle for quite some time. Puppy scammers have been around since the beginning of time. The old deposit and ghost tactic is unfortunately nothing new… but the fact that it is hitting the doodle world HARD right now, can not be denied.

So how does a person who wants to find the perfect puppy avoid these horrible scammers? Well, good news! There are definitely some ways you can avoid these monsters all together. Even if you are buying out of your state.

Here are a few tips to help you filter out puppy scammers from truly reputable breeders.

Find a breeder with a good social media presence. Look at how often they are posting. What is their interaction like? Do people who have bought puppies seem to be commenting on their posts? Do they have a social media community linked to their account? Are they posting videos and talking directly to their audience? Scroll down, check out how long the account has been established.

Find a breeder with a well maintained website! Does it look like the site was just thrown together? Is the content recent? Consider both of these things.

Make a phone call. Don’t rely strictly on texting. Get someone on the phone!

Check reviews! Google reviews. Facebook reviews. All of them…. and if you still feel suspicious, reach out to some of the reviewers.

Go with your GUT. If something seems off, it probably is! So before placing your deposit.. make sure you are free from any doubt about your breeders legitimacy.

Buying a doodle is a really big deal! You should definitely make sure your breeder is someone you can rely on for support over the lifetime of your doodle in general . Keeping that in the forefront of your mind is a great way to make sure you aren’t getting tangled up with a potential puppy scammer.

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