Turnkey Puppy
(Pre-Trained Doodle)

Toby Professionally Trained Service Dog Sits Waiting to be of Service

What is a Turnkey Puppy?

Transformative Companionship Awaits

Discover the unparalleled joy and peace of mind that comes with a Happy Doodle Farm Turnkey Companion.

What is a Turnkey Companion Dog?

A Turnkey Companion Dog is meticulously trained to excel in both obedience and emotional connection. They’re more than just pets – they’re devoted partners, ready to adapt seamlessly to your life and provide unconditional support. From basic commands to navigating new environments, Turnkey Companions are ready for any adventure.

The Benefits of a Turnkey Companion

  • Effortless Integration: House trained, crate trained, and proficient in essential commands.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Deeply attuned to your needs, offering support and genuine connection.
  • Adaptability: Exhibits confidence and composure in new environments and with new people.
  • Service Potential: Suitable for roles as therapy dogs, emotional support animals, and more.

Success Stories

Ready to Meet Your Match?

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Our Turnkey pet prices start at $18,000.00