Puppy Training

All of the puppies born to Happy Doodle Farm begin their training journey with our Puppy Academy. Puppy Academy introduces your puppy to the concept of structure and basic puppy manners. Puppies begin eating in their crate to instill an association with safety and comfort with crating for future crate training purposes. 

We work to reinforce wanted behaviors with high praise in order for them to turn learning into something they look forward to. Puppy Academy lays the foundation for more in depth future training.

Leave the first few sleepless weeks of puppy ownership to us! We have all heard horror stories of families happily bringing home new puppies who cry all night, pee in the crate and generally make them regret bringing home a puppy in the first place. If this is a scenario that you would rather avoid then we have the solution for you. 

Black White Puppy

2 Week Introduction $2,500​​

At 8 weeks old we will take your puppy and move him into full-time rotation in our family schedule. In our care he will learn how to be comfortable in his crate, be introduced to housebreaking (It can take months before they are 100% accident free), be introduced to walking on a leash, be introduced to commands like sit, down, come, stay, night night (go into crate), place, etc.  Then when you come to pick up your baby we will run you through all of his new commands and teach you how to implement them in your own routine. Puppy will head home at 10 weeks.

4 Week Level One Training $5,900

With the 4 week Bootcamp we do the same training as the 2 week Intro, but we do it for longer. Your puppy will sleep through the night by herself in a crate. She will spend more time on a leash and more time reinforcing the lessons she was introduced to in the initial 2 week course.

Brown Goldendoodle with Red
bernedoodle puppy

6 Week Level 2 Training $7,500

With the 6 week Bootcamp we start with the 2 week introduction. At 10 weeks we take your puppy to an intense full obedience program where she will work for 2 weeks in a program that is used as a base for puppies who will become service dogs. This same trainer trains service dogs and hospital emotional support dogs. You will get 7 follow-up training sessions with your trainer. At 12 weeks we will pick up your puppy and bring her back to our house and work with her for 2 weeks to work with her on all the new things she has learned.