So I have spent the last month or so trying to figure out how to explain house training in a way that just makes sense to people who are new to understanding dogs. It’s so hard to wrap your mind around. Honestly it’s literally taken me years to master perfect potty training. I can’t deny the fact, that even I have had a dog who I simply failed to properly train ?Hearing the definition of potty training is totally different than actually understanding it.

I had a total epiphany when I heard Brandon McMillan break down potty training while taking his Master Class when he explained his “House Breaking Triangle” theory. I mean literally, pretty sure a full choir of angels harped. It is truly the perfect way to break down potty training for people who are even the most unfamiliar with dogs.

In summary Brandon McMillan’s system works like this… If you’re at home right now having trouble potty breaking a little one, listen up.

Your new puppy should never have full run of the house. Ever. I often preach to everyone taking a new puppy home about the importance of the playpen and linoleum method we use here at the Happy Doodle House. I really can’t express the importance of this piece of equipment enough both immediately to bringing your puppy home and even several years later. However that’s secondary to what I feel like the true potty code is. The first step to potty code is accepting the reality that you and this puppy will likely be velcro for the first couple of weeks. You’ll have to have the puppy tethered to you by a leash any time he’s in the house. When you bring your new puppy home, you should be working in a “triangle” – meaning a cycle of -> letting your puppy out of the crate. -> taking your puppy out to potty.-> bringing your puppy back in to play. This should be done on a 3/1 schedule after the first initial feeding and let out in the morning. Meaning you keep your puppy in their crate for 3 hours, take them out of the crate to eliminate outdoors, and then bring the puppy back in for 1 hour and either tether/spend focused playtime together/place the puppy in the playpen…. repeat.

Don’t forget to check out Brandon McMillan’s total theory on how this style of potty training should work for yourself!

(Pepper Ann from Happy Doodle Farm 2020)

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