Are you ready to bring home a new puppy? Congratulations on your big decision! It is one you won’t regret. Bringing home a new Doodle puppy can be overwhelming with planning all of the little details and thinking of the ways your life will change once your new addition comes home. This post is being created to give you the best, most straight-forward understanding of how the process works here at Happy Doodle Farm LLC.

Determine your budget.

Determining your budget is the first step in determining your options when it comes to choosing your Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle or Labradoodle. Doodles come in various prices but there are many things to consider when choosing to invest in a breeding program. Here are a few I have always considered when choosing my own in years past.
What is the care of the mother and father like? Are they pets? How are they treated?
What is the health guarantee of the puppy?
What kind of support does the breeder offer?
Does the breeder facilitate contact between buyers? Such as a Facebook community?
Does the breeder have reviews?

The Goldendoode’s, Labradoodles and Berenedoodle’s here at Happy Doodle Farm LLC range in price from $2800-$4000.

Determine which type of Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle or Labradoodle will work best for you.

You will want to determine which generation you will want your new Doodle friend to be. F1, F1B, Multi-Generational. What kind of coat will you want? Curly, wavy, smooth? What size do you want your doodle to grow into? What kind of personality are you looking for?
If you feel like you need a better understanding of these questions, reserve a consult with HDF’s, Family Coordinator – Felicia Delaney. Just send a text to (502) 291-8723 – BUT FINISH READING THIS POST FIRST.

Place your deposit.

A deposit secures a puppy from HDF for your family. A specific puppy will be chosen at six weeks and your pick spot is determined by where you are in the reservation list.

Join HDF’s Facebook Community.

Happy Doodle Farm Circle is a Facebook community created for family’s who own or are waiting for HDF Doodles. What better way to understand your dog and how he/she will develop than through the support and education of those who’ve taken home relatives!

We keep you updated along the way.

Between when you make your deposit and when you pick your puppy we will maintain regular contact. You are welcome to text/call as much as you need to in order to prepare. You will receive updated pictures at least every 9 days. Sometimes more.

Secure Your Delivery.

Choose who will deliver your puppy. We have worked with a couple of great, reliable transporters and can help you with some leads on delivery.

At week 6 choose your puppy.

According to deposit order we will reserve a time dedicated to your family to assist you with choosing your puppy through video call/ pictures.

Finally – TAKE HOME!

Week 8 is exciting as this is when you will finally be able to take your puppy home. Your puppy will come home with all medical documents, and a few other special things exclusive to your pup. This is also when your final payment is due.

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