The Difference in Doodles: All About the Goldendoodle 

HDF’s Ollie, lives in Dripping Springs Texas. Owned by Brooke. Ollie is a loosely curled F1B Goldendoodle.

Here at Happy Doodle Farm, we offer a number of doodle breeds from Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Bernedoodles and Mini-Labradoodles. What’s the difference between them all? In this blog series, we’ll cover the difference between each of the doodle varieties that we offer. Read below to find out everything you need to know about the Goldendoodle. 


Goldendoodles are known to be sociable, energetic and intelligent! They are typically very gentle and affectionate making them great family pets and not-so-great guard dogs! Because of their high intelligence, Goldendoodles are often used as therapy or service dogs as they can be easily trained for that service. 


Goldendoodles require regular grooming and brushing, as their curly hair can easily mat if not cared for. Goldendoodles are known to be non-shedding and one of the best breeds for allergy sufferers. Goldendoodles can have a number of different coat colors ranging from cream, caramel, gold, red to black, chocolate, parti, brindle or merle. 


Goldendoodles are one of the easier dog breeds to train because of their high intelligence and eagerness to please! It’s important to dedicate time to training your Goldendoodle pup because just as easily as they can learn good habits, they can also learn bad habits. It’s important to train them to be the best family pet! Like many doodle puppies, Goldendoodles are eager to please their owners, so it’s important to be patient with them when training and avoid using aggression

as a training method. Goldendoodles need to know that they can trust you! Socializing your Goldendoodle puppy is also important to training because it keeps them from getting bored. 


Goldendoodles typically weigh between 40-65 pounds as a medium-sized adult.

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  1. I am interested in either a micro goldendoodle under 22 lbs or a mini goldendoodle 35 lbs and under what would be their height. and approx. cost

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