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Top 10 Tricks to Successfully House Train Your Goldendoodle Puppy

Top 10 Tricks to Successfully House Train Your Goldendoodle Puppy 

1. Have a Good Setup: Make sure that you are setting your puppy up for success by creating a space for your puppy to eliminate outdoors. Taking your puppy to the same area will encourage him/her to eliminate every time that they are in that area. 2. Set a Schedule: Most puppies will need to eliminate outdoors within an hour after eating, so make sure to schedule their feeding times when you will be able to take them out afterwards. Puppies will often need to potty shortly after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. 

3. Teach Them to Eliminate on Command: You can do this by using a specific phrase like, “go potty!” in an upbeat voice to train your puppy to eliminate right away. In time, your puppy will learn to get to sniffing and eliminating when they hear that phrase.

4. Praise Your Puppy: Be sure to show your puppy tons of praise whenever they do something right! This positive reinforcement will go a long way with a Goldendoodle puppy that is eager to please! 

5. Avoid Aggressiveness: No matter what breed, all puppies will have accidents and it’s important that you expect that and don’t respond aggressively. Doing so can actually delay the training and/or make training more difficult. It’s best to use positive reinforcement with Goldendoodle puppies. 

6. Clean Up Well: When your puppy has an accident, be sure to clean the area thoroughly to prevent your puppy from returning to the same location and eliminating there again. If there is a particular room that becomes a problem area, close off that area until your puppy is trained. 

7. Be Patient: House training your puppy is a process! Not only is your pup getting to know their new home, but they also have to learn the rules of potty training. Sometimes, it takes some trial and error for your puppy to understand where it’s okay to eliminate it and where it’s not okay to eliminate at. Patience will pay off when it comes to house training your puppy! 

8. Restrict Access: When you first bring your Goldendoodle puppy home, be sure to close off most of your home. Your puppy should not have free reign of your home until it is properly trained. Puppies have a tendency to sneak off to other rooms to eliminate, so avoid this problem by keeping them confined to 1-2 rooms of your home (where there are usually people around). 

9. Use a Crate: Use a crate to train your puppy by making the crate it’s safe space. Don’t ever use the crate as a punishment! Use the crate anytime your puppy will not be supervised and keep the crate open for access even when supervised. You’ll find that your puppy may start to retreat to their crate to nap!

10. Interrupt In-Progress Accidents: When you catch your puppy eliminating indoors, be sure to stop them immediately! Tell them, ‘No!” and startle them so that they understand that this is not a good behavior. Immediately take your puppy outside to finish eliminating. 

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