How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are adorable, but they do tend to get into all sorts of things they shouldn’t be getting into. Whether it’s because they are curious or because they like the taste, you don’t want your puppy chewing on everything in your home – including phone chargers, furniture and electronics! If you’re looking to puppy proof your home, here are some great tips to help you keep your home safe and out of harm’s way.

Keep electrical cords out of reach
If I had to tell you the first thing any puppy will go after when he or she gets home, it would probably be a phone charger! Secondarily any cords that are at your puppy’s reach will also be in jeopardy. You can easily avoid these hazards by making sure that all of your cording is wound up with either cable management accessories or zip ties. All this precaution requires is a quick walk through of your home and a small action that can save you big troubles!

Get your puppy used to a crate early on
The value of getting your puppy adjusted to a crate is immeasurable. Not only do crates provide a safe zone but they also provide a nice secure place for your puppy to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed or exhausted and need to shut down.

Remove poisonous plants from the house
Check to make sure your house plants aren’t hazardous to dogs and if they are, it’s time to make a donation to your fellow plant parent who doesn’t have pets. All of your plants should be out of reach from your new curious puppy. Not only do they like to use them as snacks, they also love to dig into the dirt in the pots.

Every dog and puppy has a love for SOCKS! They are simply irresistible. Make sure to keep them off the floor.

Hazardous Cleaning Supplies
Make sure all of your cleaning supplies are safely tucked away out of sight and out of the reach of your new 4 legged companion. Chances are, all of them are hazardous to your pet.

Safe Zones
You will want to zone off a section of the home for your new puppy and baby gate off the rest of the areas. This will keep your puppy safe and make this time a little more tolerable for you as a new pet parent. It is best to allow them access only to limited areas of the home until they have matured.

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