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Puppy Delivery

Convenient & Flexible Puppy Delivery: Location Doesn’t Matter

We often receive questions regarding our location. Obviously you want to know where your baby was raised and we understand that some potential clients might feel more at ease buying a puppy from a local breeder. However, we want to emphasize that our location should not be a primary factor in your decision to choose a puppy from Happy Doodle Farm.

Why location isn’t a concern (or benefits of not being a local):

  1. Sales Tax Savings: If you purchase a puppy from us or pick it up yourself in Kentucky, you’ll have to pay the 6% sales tax. This is applied to the buyer based on where the purchase was made. However, if the puppy is delivered then the sale happens outside of Kentucky, there’s no sales tax (required to be collected by us), which offsets a huge chunk of delivery fees.
  2. Limited Visits: We only allow visits occasionally and only from clients who have placed a non-refundable deposit. Most clients don’t visit until pick-up or delivery day. In the digital age, we can provide photos, videos, and live streams for clients to choose their perfect puppy.
  3. Health & Safety: By limiting visits, we protect our puppies from potential germs and illnesses brought in by visitors, ensuring a healthier environment for them.
  4. Focused Training: Our puppies receive personalized care and training (in different locations), making scheduling visits difficult.  Reducing the number of visits allows us to focus on providing the best possible upbringing for your puppy.

Delivery Options for Everyone

Happy Doodle Farm has experience delivering puppies to various locations, with fewer than 20% of our sales being in Kentucky (check out some of our delivery stories here). We offer multiple delivery methods to ensure your puppy arrives safely and comfortably:

  • Flying with a small puppy in-cabin: For puppies under 10 weeks or small in size, we can fly with them in the cabin and deliver them to your airport for about $800. Alternatively, you can fly in, meet us at the airport, and fly back with your puppy to save some money. 
  • American Airlines shipping for larger puppies: Bigger puppies can fly via American Airlines, which includes a dog crate, for about $600.
  • Driving delivery: Depending on the distance, driving a larger puppy is also an option (normally cheapest). Prices range from a couple hundred dollars up to $1,200.

ADA Service Dogs that have completed training are allowed to fly on a plane at any age. You can either pick up the pup or have it delivered to you.

Remember, delivery costs include more than just the travel expenses; they also account for the time spent by the person delivering the puppy.

We understand that delivery costs may seem high, but it’s important to consider the various expenses involved, such as round-trip plane tickets, parking fees, rental cars, hotel stays, meals, and compensation for the time spent on the job. We strive to provide the most convenient and cost-effective delivery options for our clients.

Choose Happy Doodle Farm for a top-quality, custom-trained puppy without the worry of location. Let us provide you with a loving companion, therapy dog, or service dog suited to your specific needs.