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Although Happy Doodle Farm is located in Kentucky, our dedication to providing world-class doodle puppies extends far beyond our physical location. In fact, we’ve delivered puppies all over the country. Our local pages are dedicated to showcasing our experiences in these cities and to help you feel a sense of connection to our services, even if we’re not based in your area.

We offer convenient and flexible delivery options to ensure your new puppy arrives safely at your doorstep, regardless of your location. Choose from flying with a small puppy in-cabin, American Airlines shipping for larger puppies, or driving delivery for bigger puppies. We also provide training services tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking for a loving companion, therapy dog, or service dog.

Don’t let our location deter you from choosing Happy Doodle Farm for your perfect doodle puppy. We’re committed to serving you no matter where you are, and we look forward to becoming a part of your local community.

Why Location Should Not Affect Decision

  1. Sales Tax Savings: If you purchase a puppy from us in Kentucky, you’ll have to pay sales tax. However, if the puppy is delivered outside of Kentucky, there’s no sales tax, making the total cost similar to buying locally.
  2. Limited Visits: We only allow visits from clients who have placed a non-refundable deposit. Most clients don’t visit until pick-up or delivery day. In the digital age, we can provide photos, videos, and live streams for clients to choose their perfect puppy.
  3. Health & Safety: By limiting visits, we protect our puppies from potential germs and illnesses brought in by visitors, ensuring a healthier environment for them.
  4. Focused Training: Our puppies receive personalized care and training, making scheduling visits difficult. Reducing the number of visits allows us to focus on providing the best possible upbringing for your puppy.
Puppies Available

Available Puppies

Available Puppies

Below you will find all the available puppies and upcoming litters from Happy Doodle Farm, LLC.
If you wish to apply for a Happy Doodle, please visit our Application page.

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Happy Doodle Farm Goldendoodle Puppy Available Now February 2024

Miniature Goldendoodle –

Availability: February 18, 2024
Breed: Miniature Goldendoodle
Gender: Female 
Weight: 18-25#
Energy: Medium
Personality: Playful, Curious, Loving
Characteristics: Curly hair, Looks like a Muppet Baby
Potential: Pet to Turnkey
Cost: $3500.00

Happy Doodle Farm F1 Goldendoodle Puppy Available Now

Miniature Goldendoodle –

Availability: February 10, 2024
Breed: Goldendoodle
Gender: Male 
Weight: 18-25#
Energy: Medium
Personality: Playful, Curious, Loving
Characteristics: Curly hair, Looks like a Muppet Baby
Potential: Pet
Cost: $2500.00

bernedoodle puppy

F1B Standard Bernedoodle

Age: June, 2023 
Breed: F1B Standard Bernedoodle 
Gender: Male and Female
Weight: 55-70#
Energy: Medium
Personality: Playful, Curious, Loving
Characteristics: Curly to Wavy Hair
Potential: Pet to Turnkey
Cost: $2500.00

About our Puppies

Please visit About Our Puppies page for more information on our puppies.

Puppy Training

Want your puppy trained before coming home? Visit our Puppy Training page for more details!

Turnkey Puppy

Looking for a completely trained puppy? Visit our Turnkey Puppy page for more information!

Find your perfect puppy that best match you!

Bernedoodle puppies from Happy Doodle Farm, where excellence meets love and devotion. Our journey with Bernedoodles began with the quest for the ideal service dog, leading us straight into the loving embrace of Ava. Trained to provide stability and act as a seizure alert companion, Ava has graced hospital corridors with her impeccable service skills. Not only is she a paragon of intelligence and loyalty, but she also embodies the Bernedoodle’s unwavering spirit to please. Ava, a stunning tri-colored Bernedoodle, intertwines the strength of a service dog with the tenderness of a lap dog. Her unmatched zest extends beyond her service duties to her love for play. Whether it’s a ball or a bone, Ava’s determination shines through. Even if an item goes astray in the tall grass, her perseverance ensures she never returns empty-pawed. Our most recent litter carries Ava’s legacy forward, with the added lineage of our phantom poodle, Toby, another trained service gem. The blend of these two pedigrees presents an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking a companion that’s both extraordinary and rooted in a lineage of high-caliber service training. And for those who wish to instill the best foundational behaviors in their new family member, we proudly offer specialized training to ensure your puppy starts its journey with you on the right paw. Seize the chance to welcome not just a pet, but a legacy of dedication, service, and unparalleled companionship into your home.
Toby Professionally Trained Service Dog Sits Waiting to be of Service
Expecting Bernedoodle Puppies
Belle & Baby Quinn

Puppies now available! Shipping Available!  Our puppies have been delivered all across the United States from California to Texas to Maine! We are also glad to work with residents of Canada and Hawaii. We are proud to provide not only incredible companions to individuals across the USA but to also provide schools, treatment centers, hospitals, universities and various facility’s with service and therapy dogs through our breeding and training programs. 

About Us

My name is Felicia Delaney. My husband and I have been in the family pet business for over 13 years. Our love for doodles began with our first doodles, Cozy and Fanny. After that, the rest is history! It has all become a family affair, including not only our extended family but through our extended Guardian Home family program that extends across Kentucky and Indiana – these incredible family’s help make Happy Doodle Farm possible. 

Every Momma and Daddy dog in the network of Happy Doodle Farm LLC was chosen for their amazing personality, tolerant temperament, naturally born confident demeanor, clear genetic health; beginning with running an embark panel in early puppyhood and of course – adorable appearance. Ensuring these traits are all present have made our Guardian Home program very successful and desirable for family’s to join. Every Happy Doodle is first and foremost, someone’s pet. We believe making sure every Momma and Daddy dog is the center of someone’s world creates the best potential for future Happy Doodles. We work diligently with our Guardian Home’s to make sure each doodle is being cared for by the Happy Doodle Farm core values which are to provide the best health care, training, home setting, love and to always honor each every Momma and Daddy doodle. 

Every litter of puppies is whelped inside a Happy Doodle Farm, family home. Together we all work to make sure Momma’s health and emotional well being are the forefront of what we do. This makes it possible for her to provide the best care for her puppies, we are here to assist her in every way possible and show the puppies from day one that humans are not scary, but here to love them and help them.

We operate Happy Doodle Farm on a promise of disclosure. We will never tell an allergy ridden family that choosing a doodle will exempt them from having any kind of allergy issues. The myth of the hypoallergenic doodle is one that has become damaging to the expectancy of doodles. Please be advised that a “hypoallergenic” dog does not exist, even when the dog is a very low to figuratively “non shedding” dog – the dog is not “hypoallergenic”. We feel there are so many wonderful personality and physical characteristic traits to a doodle that being up front and honest about this will not deter family’s from choosing a doodle who a doodle would best suit. 


Maxi Grinch The Cockapoo
Felicia with puppy
Two Cute Puppies

Extraordinary Experiences

While these puppies are in our home we treat them like you would want them to be treated. They are litter box trained, cuddled, and introduced to training. 

Goldendoodle Puppies Kentucky

Our Core Values

Let’s face it, all doodles are cute. That’s why we focus on breeding for temperament and health first and the looks will follow!

“Happy Doodle Farm helped us choose the perfect puppy and then we opted for the additional training. We could never be more pleased than we are with our girl Joanna! She is so smart, well mannered and loving”

-The Olsen Family


Day 1- Saturday

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

Day 2 – Sunday

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: [Mississippi area attraction name]

[fun description of the activity]

Here is the suggested itinerary for your visit to Mississippi:

Day 1 – Saturday

5:00 AM – 7:00 AM: Natchez Trace Parkway

Start your day with a scenic drive through the historic Natchez Trace Parkway. This 444-mile road offers breathtaking views of nature and the history of the area.

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Thorney Mountain Vineyards

Experience Mississippi’s countryside and learn about wine production during a tour of Thorney Mountain Vineyards. Plus, enjoy a wine tasting and lunch at their beautiful estate.

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM: Eudora Welty House and Garden

Visit and tour the beautiful historic Eudora Welty House and Garden, where one of America’s leading modern writers lived and worked.

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Learn about Mississippi’s history and achievements in the civil rights movement at this interactive and informative museum.

Day 2 – Sunday

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM: Gator Ranch

Visit the Gator Ranch located in the heart of Mississippi for a chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. You can hold a baby alligator, pet them, or even feed them!

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site

Explore the historic Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site and learn about the Civil War history of Mississippi. Take a self-guided tour with a map available on the site.

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Jackson Zoo

Take the family to the Jackson Zoo to see a wide range of animals including elephants, lions, and many more. Kids will love the petting zoo area.

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Natchez Brewing Company

Wrap up your weekend with a visit to the Natchez Brewing Company. Enjoy a selection of their craft beers complimented with some southern-style tapas from their menu.

Happy Doodle Farm's Best Of Magnolia State

Best of Mississippi

  1. Natchez Pilgrimage Tours

    Step back in time with a Natchez Pilgrimage Tour, an exclusive look into the antebellum homes of Natchez. Learn about the history of Mississippi and the South as you tour beautifully preserved homes and even a carriage ride through the historic district.

  2. Oxford Square

    Check out the bustling Oxford Square for an array of shops, restaurants, and events year-round. Head to the square on a Saturday morning for the Oxford Farmer’s Market or catch a show at The Lyric.

  3. Gulf Islands National Seashore

    Dig your toes into the sugar-white sand beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore, stretching over Mississippi and Florida. Hike the trails or picnic under the shade trees at Davis Bayou.

  4. Natchez Balloon Race

    Experience the wonder of hot air balloons at the annual Natchez Balloon Race every October. Watch the colorful balloons fill the skies over the Mississippi River, while enjoying local food, music and carnival rides.

  5. The Mississippi Delta

    Take a drive through the blues-infused Mississippi Delta region, home to famous musicians like Muddy Waters and B.B. King. Explore the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, sample soul food or enjoy a live music performance at Ground Zero Blues Club.

Exclusive Bark-tastic Deals

Special Coupons for Mississippi

Happy Doodle Farm, LLC

Happy Doodle Farm

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The Bayou State Delivery and Training Services

No matter where you are in the Magnolia State area, Happy Doodle Farm is just a short drive or flight away. All of our services are done away from our physical location so that we can serve you wherever you are. We offer delivery and training services to ensure your new puppy arrives safely and is ready to become a loving member of your family. You can choose to have us Deliver ourselves or you can contract with a flight nanny or come pick your puppy up on your own. The choice is yours. Contact us to learn more about our delivery and training options for The River State residents.

Our Connection to Missy

At Happy Doodle Farm, we’re committed to bringing joy and companionship to families in the Magnolia State area through our World Class Doodle puppies. We frequently travel to the region to deliver puppies and provide training services for our clients. We’re proud to have helped many Magnolia State families find their perfect doodle companions and become a part of their lives. Local Testimonials Hear what some of our Mississippi clients have to say about their experience with Happy Doodle Farm:

About our Puppies

Please visit About Our Puppies page for more information on our puppies.

Puppy Training

Want your puppy trained before coming home? Visit our Puppy Training page for more details!

Turnkey Puppy

Looking for a completely trained puppy? Visit our Turnkey Puppy page for more information!

At Happy Doodle Farm, we don’t let distance come between you and your potential new family member. If you are able to get deliveries from other companies then you will be able to get a delivery from us!

Please find below the links to some of the key locations we serve. Rest assured, our service is not limited to these cities alone. We are continuously working on expanding our presence. So, if you do not find your city listed below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If a delivery service exists in your area, we will find a way to reach you.

We have included stories for many of the locations we have visited. Where available we have also added suggestions for local services that we enjoyed. We would love to come to your area and have you show us around while we show you how to implement the training that we have given your new doodle puppy.