Mini Goldendoodle Puppy (Price Shown is non-refundable Deposit)

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These are the Goldendoodle Puppies available at Happy Doodle Farm. The price of $250 is 10% of the total price. You can click through all the options that you are looking for in a puppy. The amount shown is the DEPOSIT ONLY. Once you have made your non-refundable deposit you will reach out to us to complete the transaction. Alternatively you can reach out to us about the puppy and training options you are interested in first for any questions you might have.

How a puppy is raised is crucial in its developmental stage. All of our mothers are thoroughly trained, and your puppy learns from them how to behave around families. Once they are weaned they can either head home to you or be trained to the level that best suits your family.

You work too hard already it should not be work to bring home your puppy. We tailor your puppy’s training level to your needs.

Just send us a text to the number below to join the waitlist or let us know which puppy you are interested in taking home and what level of training you are seeking.

Don’t see your doodle puppy? Text us (502-291-8723)
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