Turnkey Puppy School Graduate


A Turnkey puppy is a puppy who is trained from start to finish, prior to going to their forever home. These Turnkey puppies are chosen based off of their remarkable ability to adapt to their environment whether it is familiar or they are being newly introduced. Turnkey puppies display obvious signs of being able to emotionally adjust to new places and people. Chosen puppies have displayed obvious signs of high intelligence and a natural response to positively reinforced behavior. A Turnkey puppy makes not only an amazing companion pet, but also could serve as a Community Partner, Emotional Support Animal, Facility Dog, Clinic Dog, Therapy Dog, Service Dog, Child Life Service Dog in a children’s hospital, Rehab Facility Dog and so much more! 

A turnkey puppy is chosen to become eligible for this program as early as 4 weeks old after he or she has passed various stimulation, scent and response testing.  Completion of this program can take anywhere from 4-7 months. We do not place timing deadlines on Turnkey puppies, because proofing time can vary. We are more concerned with delivering a well behaved and conditioned lifetime pet, rather than delivering a dog that only responds to treats and is only conditioned to display desired behaviors under transactional circumstances. Upon completion of the program your doodle will have had minimally 400+ hours of focused training.

If you want a puppy, but don’t have the time and experience to put into training your puppy appropriately? Leave the work to us. We will handle everything. Your puppy will come home house trained, crate trained, know how to sit, down, place and any other commands that you feel are must haves in a companion. We will handle the boarding and training until your puppy is ready to come home and keep you updated and aware of his or her progress along the way so you can immediately start to bond with your puppy as they complete their journey.

Your puppy will be exposed to daily training in a live-in program where everyday is spent as the companion of a professional trainer and exposed to other dogs and outside stimuli. Our trainer will take your puppy out in public and accompany him or her in stores to test commands in unpredictable environments.

A Turnkey puppy will be tested by an independent facility for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test prior to exiting the Happy Doodle Farm LLC, Turnkey Pet Program. 

Turnkey pet pricing starts at $22,000.00.