Below you will find all newborn and upcoming litters from Happy Doodle Farm, LLC where reservations are available. Please look below for all pricing and basic information about the litters you are interested in. We will keep this page as up-to-date as possible. If you still have further questions do not hesitate to send a text to (502)291-8723. When you make a decision on a puppy you can hold your place on the wait list by buying a $300 Happy Doodle Farm Store Credit (Gift Card). Once this is received we will mark your puppy as sold. This amount is non-refundable like any store credit, but like any gift card it may be used for a future purchase from Happy Doodle Farm.  Our doodles have been placed in homes all around the country from California to Texas to Florida to New York to Washington. So don’t limit your search to a “Goldendoodle puppy near me” when we can match you with the perfect Doodle puppy delivered to you anywhere in the United States!

Our Doodles Range in Price from $2,800 to $3,999
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F1b GoldenDoodles

Now Accepting Deposits (Text (502)291-8723) 

These Goldendoodles are adorable. Mom is a Standard F1 Goldendoodle (50% Golden Retriever x 50% Poodle) – Momma is 40 pounds and Daddy is a standard Poodle he weighs about 50 pound. Puppies are expected to be around 45 pounds full grown. Dad is Red and Mom is Red. Puppies are Red and Parti. Both parents have been DNA tested. You will find a loose curly, fluffy, soft coat with very minimal shedding possible.   

Take home will be around Christmas 2020

F1b Goldendoodle Christmas Puppies
Christmas Goldendoodle Puppy
Upcoming Litters

Golden BerneDoodles

$3,000 -$3,500  (Pricing depends on pick order and coat color) Tri-color and Phantom Brown ($3,500), Red and White ($3,250), Solid Colors ($3,000)

10% Deposit holds your position

Golden Bernedoodles or Golden Mountain Doodles are a very sought after pairing for us at Happy Doodle Farm. They are a mix of Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle keeping the perfect mix of cuteness, low shedding, and all the other things we love about Goldendoodles. This pairing has an exciting variety of coloring which you can see below from a previous litter. These are excellent for the doodle lover who wants a Goldendoodle, but wants one that’s different from everyone else. Our Golden Bernedoodles are born from a F1 Bernedoodle mom and an F1b Goldendoodle. Momma is coming in at 55 pounds and Dad is just about 50. This pair could produce puppies over 60 pounds. You can expect a curly coat that is super soft. Anticipated size would be right around 55 pounds.

Ready to go home January

Golden Bernedoodle from Prior Litter Living in Columbus, Ohio
Expecting Bernedoodle Puppies

F1b BerneDoodles

$3,000 -$4,000 (Pricing depends on pick order and coat color) Tri-color and Phantom Brown ($4,000), Red and White ($3,500), Solid Colors ($3,250)

10% Deposit holds your position

F1 B Bernedoodles are a much requested pairing for us at Happy Doodle Farm. We have bred our gorgeous Bernedoodle with an equally handsome Poodle stud. This pairing will produce very low shedding puppies with sweet personality and easy training. The mother is a very natural retriever who will go after a ball and not come back until she has found it. Our F1 Bernedoodle mother weighs about 55 pounds and dad weighs about 60 pounds. We fully anticipate the puppies from this pairing to weigh between 50 and 60 pounds, but could weigh more. If you are not looking for a puppy that will be pretty big you should probably consider another doodle. If you want a sweet, low shedding, easily trained, big puppy from service dog stock, look no further.

Ready to go home February




10% Deposit holds your position

Mini Goldendoodle Mother (32 pounds) and Mini Labradoodle Father (15 pounds) announcing a litter of puppies that will be around 20 pounds full grown (based on genetics, but weight will vary). 

Ready to go home January

Mini Goldendoodle
Mini Labradoodle